Valentine's Day cruise with our daughter and son-in-law, Feb 2005

Valentine’s Day cruise with our daughter and son-in-law, Feb 2005

I always jokingly stated – God intended me to be a Princess but I was born into the wrong family. Then I married a man who made me a princess. I only worked 15 years of our 42 years together. He wanted me to be a stay-at-home-mom and a lady with housekeepers and club memberships while our children attended private schools.

I often praised God for my easy life. When a bump arose in the road of life, God always provided a new path to take. Our daughter graduated with a Masters in International Business from the top MIBS program in the country. Within her first year after graduation, she was working for PWC in California where she met her charming prince. They married in the wedding of the decade in Toronto with guests invited from five countries, twenty states, and three Canadian provinces.


Disney World, Thanksgiving 2007

Disney World, Thanksgiving 2007

When they were ready for a family, they only gave nature one year to conceive. During that year, God convinced Karin, then her husband, they should adopt. Another story which I must write someday. They adopted a 15 month old from Russia in 2005, and two 1 year olds from Vietnam in 2008. After the first baby came home, her back pain of 15 years was increasing. Her doctor prescribed pain medicine without knowing the cause. I insisted she must call an orthopedist, as I had many times previous. This time she acted. An MRI was scheduled which told the story: she had kidney cancer which had metastasized. She lived 101 days from diagnosis. This is another story which I must share with the world. She blogged her journey beautifully at http://karinupdates.blogspot.com/


We grieved profusely for our daughter. I thought I could never be happy again. My husband found a path for his grief which removed him from our immediate family circle. His family placed their blessing on his adultery and pushed me out of the family as if I were the guilty person. If only I were a fiction writer, I would have a blockbuster book.

The day I finally kicked him out of our home, I was taking our dog out for a potty run and questioning my actions. A voice audibly came to me saying, “You did the right thing. You should have done it sooner. Get as far away as you can.” Our son and his family lived in Texas, and God opened the doors for a smooth transition 2,300 miles away.